This Kid


Calls everyone her Best Friend, except for people she claims to be afraid of.

Speaks lovingly and longingly of her Best Friends. She misses them, wants to love on them and SQUEEEZE on them.

Appears to have the same keen sense of direction as her dad.

Still asks to go trick-or-treating, but is also looking forward to Going to Thanksgiving to eat turkey and spaghetti and pie.

Is a lover of dancing, stirring things, painting, movies and candy, nursing, shoes, books about animals, her Arkansas State Capitolween Building.

Has a Southern twang like I’d never imagined.

Can be convinced to go anywhere there is a party and assumes party = cake and candy.

Once tried to convince me to buy two copies of the same Strawberry Shortcake movie.

Still is kind of a crappy sleeper.

Is interested in yoga.

Learned the word “hipster” last night.

After convincing me to steal a flower from an arrangement at a wedding reception, said, “This smells good. It smells like mustard. Dewishus.”

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