This is the first day

I found out today that I am certainly pregnant!  I’m only about four weeks along, though, which means mum’s the word.  I’m only telling immediate family members and a couple of very close friends.  I didn’t want to wait to start writing about my pregnancy, though, because I am a writer (albeit a grant writer).  Eventually I’ll make this blog public, and then everyone can share in the joys–and woes, I’m sure–of my pregnancy.

So I’m pregnant!  Trevor and I are going to be parents before we know it!  It was pretty fast and painless getting pregnant, which is a relief.  I’m going to be telling my Aunt Margie about our baby this evening, and I’m actually a little nervous.  And my sister, Meg, is already predicting the birth date: February 25th, which happens to be Trevor’s birthday!

Well, the workday is over, so I’m heading home.  More to come later, for sure!

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