The Fat Goat Challenge

Let me begin by making this disclaimer: I know that I am not overweight. I have a healthy BMI, and the vast majority of the foods I consume are very healthy. Having said that, however, I will admit that I have a very unhealthy body image. And seeing this photo of myself has kind of put me over the edge. I wanted to cry and gag at the same time.

I'm posting this here as a motivation to myself. I want to look better by the next time I take a picture like this with Sadie.

I know, it’s probably not nearly as bad as I think it is. And I realize I’m being a total drama queen about it. But THIS is not how I want to look. Not even close. This makes me want to avoid being in pictures of Sadie, and that is a horrible way to live. I’ve tried working on thinking about my body differently, and it’s just not working. I don’t think I can trick myself into feeling good about my body unless I do something to get my body into a shape I’m happy with. And feeling good about my body is really important to me, because I want to be a good role model for Sadie. (This seems pretty convoluted, I’m sure… I want her to feel good about her body no matter what, so I have to change how my body looks in order to feel good about my own body–gah!)

At any rate, it’s time to make some changes. Changes in what I eat and my lack of activity. Cutting back on desserts is my main issue. And getting my butt into action is going to be hard. Which is why I’m being a little cliche and putting this down here. Self-discipline isn’t one of my strong suits. So here we go.

Starting today, Monday June 28, I will begin the One Hundred Push Ups challenge. I’m going to start out doing push ups on my knees, and once I complete this challenge, I’ll redo it the “regular” way. I’m completely grossed out with my arms, so this should help. It should also help me from getting so worn out holding a rapidly-growing Sadie. There’s also a sit ups challenge, and I might consider adding this at some point. My belly was a problem area before I got pregnant, so you can just imagine how I feel about it now.

I am also starting to use the Lose it! app on my iPhone. This is also going to be pretty tough. I’m not exactly sure my current weight, but I’m setting the goal right now of losing eight pounds, at one pound per week. I think this program will help me identify the foods I could relatively easily cut out–or at least drastically reduce the portions sizes.

Anyway, I’m planning on creating a page to track this, though I’m not exactly sure how that’ll work. I’ve got one friend from work participating in the One Hundred Push Ups already–anybody else want to join in on one or both of these?

6 thoughts on “The Fat Goat Challenge

  1. Shannon

    That’s cool Brooke. Body image issues suck. Even though I am one of the smallest people I know, I still have them. I think everyone does but it’s cool to do something about it and see the changes and feel better about yourself. Good luck to you. (btw I think the picture is super cute of both of you)

  2. TMae

    I would tell you that I think you look great, but it’s not really about how I (or anyone else) think you look, is it?

    I’m in for the challenge. I’m amused that both the push up and the sit up challenge say that all you need is a lot of discipline and a little time. Hmm…I’m short on discipline these days.

    Did I mention I have a gym membership that I’ve used TWICE since I got it? In March. Right.

  3. Sarah M.

    I would love to join in the challenge. I am going to do 100 situps a day and 100 push ups a day. I think I will start doing the push ups on my knees too. Thanks for the motivation. I want to lose about 20lbs because I was overweight before I got pregnant. I’m breastfeeding so hopefully with the exercise it won’t be too hard to lose.
    .-= Sarah M.´s last blog ..Oh Man =-.

  4. Fawn

    I’m right there with ya – over the weekend we took a little trip and I was horrified to see the way my swim suit and “camping clothes” fit me. I know I’ve been eating more junk than I should be, so that’s my area of focus – my diet. Best of luck to you. Don’t know if you’re interested, but Stroller Strides has a free saturday class at least once a month. I haven’t been doing Stroller Strides since March, but I still go to the free Saturday classes – can’t beat a free workout that you can do without needing to line up childcare!
    .-= Fawn´s last blog ..5 Things I Like =-.

  5. Stephanie

    Good luck with everything! I’m actually going to start going to a gym this week and I am SO pumped about it. I’m ok, weight-wise, but not as toned as I was pre-baby, and it’s making me nuts. I need the discipline of a class, or I would totally join you in this!
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Month fifteen =-.


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