The car seat debate continues.

Geeze Louise. Just when I thought we had it all figured out. I mentioned before that we’d gone ahead and bought a convertible car seat, because Sadie is getting to be too long for her infant carrier. And she fussed A TON almost every time we got in the car this weekend (we are busy little bees on the weekend–one of these days we will resolve to change that), which makes me wonder if perhaps she’s starting to feel uncomfortable in her car seat. We would like to keep Sadie riding rear-facing for as long as possible, and the one we got is rear-facing up to 40 pounds. The thing is, though, in order to fit it that way in the back of either of our cars, the front seat has to be ALL THE WAY forward. Not such a big deal in Trevor’s car, which is where the car seat will start out. But totally a problem in my car, as my car is the “family” car that we all scoot around town in. We tested it out this evening, and Trevor’s knees were totally up against the dashboard. If we’d had a wreck, I’m pretty sure his face would have been busted to bits by the air bag, and his femurs would have been destroyed. Or something gruesome like that. This seat is a no go in my car for rear-facing.

So here’s the question: do I keep looking for a smaller convertible car seat that will allow me to have Sadie rear-facing in my car? Or is my car just too small for there to even be one out there that will do rear-facing for over 30 pounds (that’s what her infant seat is)? Do I just have to go ahead and have her forward-facing when she turns one? Has anybody else with a small-ish car dealt with this successfully??? I drive a Nissan Versa 5-door… not exactly a Miata or anything. But, I guess this is why some families get (ghasp!) minivans even before they have more than one baby.

5 thoughts on “The car seat debate continues.

  1. carrie

    have you thought at all about putting the carseat in the middle seat of your car? I know many sources think that’s a safe bet if you have the right latches.

    1. Brooke Post author

      @carrie I do plan to put it in the middle when Sadie is forward-facing. But trying it now would only multiply the problem we’re having–instead of just the passenger’s seat having to be shoved all the way to the front, so would the driver’s (because the space between the two front seats is very narrow, and the car seat is very wide). Thanks for the idea, hon!

  2. Sam

    We have the same problem… since Sam is so big and we were trying to be as fiscally responsible as possible, we only bought the convertible from the get-go. We are pretty much a one car family (Mike gets to drive a company car, but it has to be available for other workers if necessary) so one carseat was really all we needed. And unfortunately for the carseat, mine’s a Jetta TDI. We have just taken to the fact that Mike either has to drive so I can squeeze my squatty little legs in the passenger side, or Mike rides in the back with Samuel (which makes me feel like a chauffer but Mike LOVES). I look forward to any advice you get because Sam’s obviously only a month and a half old so we have LOTS of rear facing to do!

  3. Brooke Post author

    @Sam I hope we get some helpful advice, for sure! I did find a document on the Nissan website (I wonder if there’s a similar one on the Jetta site) that lists a bunch of car seats and whether or not they fit (they’ve been fitted by real people) in the various models. I’ve started looking them up, but it’s not looking so good. What car seat did y’all get? I didn’t even know about convertible car seats until recently…

  4. Sam

    we went with the britax boulevard. We had the luxury of my coworkers all chipping in and purchasing it for us which was BEAUTIFUL!!! Great carseat if you have the bucks, and we figured if we were only buying one…


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