That’s the trouble with secrets…

Secrets!  So hard for me to keep.  I know there’s good reason not to tell everyone and anyone that we’re pregnant, but it’s really tough.  And I’m not doing such a good job with it.  I’ve purposefully told most of my immediate family at this point, Ashley, Cade, and Leah.  And my coworker, Kim, sort of figured it out.  What can I say?  I’m not always so subtle.  I feel pretty alright with the number of folks who know our news.  It’s seems just enough to keep the excitement palpable, but not too many that if something should happen, it would be an ordeal letting people know.  Not that we’re expecting or planning on that, of course.

I’ve been thinking of things I’m looking forward to, and those I’m not.  So far, I’ve not had a problem with getting sick at all.  I’ve had a few “hits” of nausea, but nothing that lasts.  I’m not counting on being so lucky the whole time, but who knows!  I’m still a little creeped out at the thought of eventually feeling the baby moving around inside.  Yikes.   I suppose the baby is currently a teeny little embryo at this point, so I don’t think I have much to worry about for now.  I’m definitely already getting a little more tired than usual, and noticeably hungrier.  I’m also not looking forward to suddenly outgrowing my clothes.  I’ve already got problems with outgrowing my pants, and this is just going to make it worse.  I’m not sure if the best plan is to go up a size for a little while, or if I should hold out with too-tight pants until it’s time for full-on maternity wear.

I haven’t heard back from Kim, the midwife I’m hoping to use.  I don’t want to harass her or anything, but I think I might try to send her another email to a second email address.  I’ve already got questions to ask, that’s for sure!  I’ve been reading The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth, and my aunt gave me What to Expect When You’re Expecting to read, but I’m trying to get my book club book read in time for next week’s meeting.  I can really imagine that I’m going to have to start really cutting back on my “extra-curricular” activities.  I need more evenings where I just come home from work and don’t have to worry about doing anything else.

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