that ho stole our cable!

um yeah, so i hate it that i’m starting off my first blog in a looooong time with so much negativity, but seriously. we’ve finally gotten our cable/internet back today. the verdict on why it was out for a WEEK to begin with: our little duplex ho of a neighbor STOLE IT! that’s right. trevor said the cable dude came out and couldn’t find anything wrong inside the house, so trevor took him downstairs to the “storage” basement that we share with the prostitute (i am actually pretty sure she’s into something shady like that–pimp and all) and found that the line on our side had been cut and run to her side. it takes a freaking key to get in that room. i mean, come on, it’s one thing to steal from the cable company, but it’s quite another to steal from your duplex neighbors who are PAYING good money for the effing cable! whew. that’s a lot of rant.

in the news: we had a great time with everyone at the oyster bar on saturday. thanks a ton for helping me surprise trevor with some birthday love! and sorry we never showed up, elizabeth, we kind of crashed when the last of the folks left our place (sad that it was only 11).

sunday (trevor’s actual bday) was spent doing chores and running errands. one of those errands was to go to petsmart to get nari a prettier collar and to get tarzan some cat treats. well, we got those, but we also managed to come home with a cat. a real live one. a little pretty kitty. i know most of you are icky about cats and may never come over again, but she’s precious. and nameless, at the moment. no, we are NOT naming her jane.

today was ex-hausting at work! we moved from the third floor to the fourth in the train station, and i am pooped! i’m getting all new office furniture, and today i put together my awesome rolly chair and bookshelf.

more to come later. must figure out wireless internet and move laptop to “office” instead of holding it in my lap in the bedroom.

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