Swept up.

I tell you what… It sure never gets boring around our house. But I think Trevor and I are definitely out of the running for 2010 Parents of the Year. Remember the box car accident? Well, since then Sadie has bit into her tongue (like, really bad) THREE TIMES. Three times! Sunday morning I woke up and said to Trevor, “Maybe we can go a week without Sadie biting her tongue off.”

Oh, ho ho. What happened instead? Sadie touched the hot stove burner. Big blister on her thumb, some blistering on her index finger. Where was I? Standing right there, putting English muffins into the toaster. Awesome. I know, it happens. And she’s fine. She points to it and says “hurt” sometimes, and she’s cried a few times when she’s grabbed something too hard with that hand, but she’s mostly using it like normal. But, man. It really sucked.

On the hay ride.

And then? Then we took her to a pumpkin patch during a tornado watch. Everything was great–lots of fun with friends on a hay ride, watching the pig race, playing in the hay fort, picking out pumpkins. Then, as we were getting ready to leave, things started getting a little scary. Honestly, it was worse for me than for Sadie. Because she doesn’t know what a swirling sky means. I was a bit, um, terrified. I’ve seen “rotation” on the news. Never from directly below. I don’t know if any actual tornados touched down during the storm, but it was a bit too close for comfort for me. Needless to say, I had horribly scary tornado nightmares last night.

Watching the pig race with Joel.

Contemplating a standoff with Margie over some pumpkins. Just kidding. Sadie loves her Mar.

(Photos taken by Ashley Gill.)

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