Super Bowl, Sadie Style

Having spent three days last week in day care, it’s no surprise Sadie came down with a cold just in time for Super Bowl Sunday. Rather than drag her along to a party an hour away and infect the other wee ones, we decided to haul the TV out, set up a little coffee table spread, and do a little Super Bowl party of our own. Sadie rocked it out till halftime.

Trevor decided to dress Sadie in Packers colors. So, according to her wardrobe options, Sadie's a Green Bay Baby.

Getting into the game.

Attempting to recline. Ha!

Hamming it up for the camera, doing an impersonation of a player wrapping his gloves.

Even Too Big Baby gets in on the Super Bowl action. Like me, she's just watching for the commercials.

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl, Sadie Style

  1. Aunt Gwen

    These pictures are awesome! Looks like you guys had a great time. Even Too Big Baby is smiling. Sadie looks so tall! I miss all of you so much.


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