Sprinkler + potting soil + Sadie = best Arkansas summer ever

Oh, we are having a good time! I truly loved Sadie’s first year, but this summer is taking the cake of all the summers I’ve had in my life (okay, so Sadie and I spent most of last summer napping on the couch with the blinds closed). Sadie continues to take me by surprise with something new every day. She’s so bold–this morning, she was climbing from our bed to the kitty condo that I’d moved to clean the floors. Her vocabulary is exploding! At last count, she was up to 38, and that was probably last week. Her favorite things to talk about continue to be dogs, kitties, shoes and babies.

When did she get to be so big? And opinionated? I love it! Sadie’s been requesting to sit in her “big girl” chair at the dining room table sometimes. It’s actually a chair that Trevor’s grandfather made, and that Trevor sat in at his family’s table when he was a kid.

Let’s hope Sadie’s thumbs are a bit greener than mine seem to be. I’ve given up on my tomatoes, and I think we’ve lost one of our blueberry bushes. Our fig tree isn’t looking so great, either. We need some rain here in Central Arkansas, I’ll tell you that much. Remembering to water plants is not high on my list, apparently. But wasted plants = wasted potential food = wasted money.

Sadie is about to get to go on her first family vacation. My side of the family (BIG!) has been going to “the beach” for years and years. But, as the Gulf is teeming with tar balls, we’re relocating to Branson, MO. While I’m super bummed about missing the beach this year, I’m kind of glad the drive is considerably shorter. Especially since I’ll be taking Sadie all the way to Orlando about a month later (hopefully this won’t be the biggest mistake ever).

So, we’re surviving the heat alright. But sometimes we have to be creative about just how we do that.

Awesome. I can hear one of the cats vomming. Guess that’s the end of my blog time for now. Trevor’s napping in Sadie’s room with her, so it’s all me on this one…

4 thoughts on “Sprinkler + potting soil + Sadie = best Arkansas summer ever

  1. Fawn

    Great post, and LOVE those pics. I hope I don’t offend, but that one of her in her diaper reminds me of “Big Baby” in Toy Story 3.
    .-= Fawn´s last blog ..TMI =-.

    1. Brooke Post author

      Thanks! And no offense taken, although I haven’t seen Toy Story 3, so I don’t actually know what you’re talking about.


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