Somebody’s Turning Two-ooooh.

I’ve been busy working on Sadie’s birthday party this Sunday, and I’m definitely getting excited. It’s going to be much smaller than last year, just family and a handful of friends. Since Sadie’s favorite movie is Charlotte’s Web (considering she’s only seen three movies, this isn’t too surprising), I’m doing a sort of Wilbur-Charlotte themed party. Sadie’s not quite old enough to anticipate her party, and usually when we ask her whose birthday is coming up, she’ll say “Mimi” or name one of her cousins. Or one of the pets. But I know for sure she’s going to be thrilled when the party actually happens.

Have I told you about how much this girl loves a party? There have been several times I’ve pulled up in our driveway only to hear, “Noooo…. Partyyyyy” from the back seat. We actually drove around the neighborhood one Saturday, calling people to see if we could come “party” at their house. Luckily we were saved by our dear friends down the street who were more than happy to let Sadie party it up before they headed out for a movie.

So! I’m pumped about the pink pig and spider web cupcakes I’m going to make. And I spent part of last night making black spider webs to spell out Sadie’s name and hang up on the wall.

I’m glad that we’re going low-key this year. There won’t be a ton of other kids for Sadie to share her toys with (she’s still fairly territorial), and I’m planning on making some homemade play dough and having a little play dough activity table set up. Add a few snacks, and that’s it!

The big news will be whether or not Sadie like’s her present from her Dad. If you know Trevor at all, you might be able to guess what’s waiting in the trunk of his car for her… (Mama will try to remain calm, cool and collected about this milestone.)

3 thoughts on “Somebody’s Turning Two-ooooh.

  1. TMae

    O’s first b’day party was kind of a mess for a few reasons, BUT we were traveling when we had it, so we were able to have lots of family and friends celebrate with us. This year, while I have LOTS of time to plan, I’m really not interested in it, and there won’t be lots of family and friends. Or maybe I’m not interested because there won’t be family and friends.

    Anyway – Happy Partying Sadie! I hope you post some pics when it’s over – I’d love to see the cupcakes!
    TMae´s last blog post ..I put my money where my mouth is – 2

  2. Mindy

    Aw sweet sweet Sadie with her Babies. Big Baby I was expecting to see-but tiny baby I was not expecting! hahaha. Cant believe she is turning 2. How awesome!!! And Ill take a guess at the present….uhm, Bike? or something along those lines 😉
    Mindy´s last blog post ..Lets feed some birds


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