So, I went to South America.

I guess I forgot to mention it. I went to Peru and Ecuador for work, and I blogged a lot about it on the Heifer blog. I’ve actually still got more posts coming, but below are the posts I’ve done so far.

My last day in Ecuador I had the opportunity to take a horseback riding day trip into one of the few (maybe only one of two, I can’t quite remember) inhabited volcanic craters. It was completely amazing.

Sadie, by the way, did just great. She and Trevor fared well without me, but we were all glad to be reunited at last.

Greetings from Lima

Policy Conflicts in Rural Peru

Motivated Farmer in Peru’s Highlands

Allin Kausay

Fun in Peru: Day 1

Lucio of Peru: 1 of 2

Fun in Peru: Day 2

Lucio of Peru: 2 of 2

Pierre Ferrari in the Andes


Agroecological Fair in Loja

Eating in South America

Growing for Market

Ecuador: Banana Republic








2 thoughts on “So, I went to South America.

  1. Connie

    I’m so glad you’re getting to travel more for work, and boy are you getting to go to some great places! Ecuador and Peru were my first big trips after I got a “real job.”
    Btw – remember those cliffs off the side of Lima, M & I paraglided there. It was so beautiful!


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