That’s what my younger sister, Meg, used to call me. Snaggletooth. I really did have some effed up teeth when I was a kid.

Thanks to braces (but no thanks to my inability to continue wearing my retainer), my teeth are much more normal looking these days.

Sadie was looking like she was going to get her dad’s mouth. Nice and roomy for all of those teeth. She even had the ADORABLE gap between the top front teeth. That is, until our Saturday spent in Tennessee.

I really do swear we are good parents.

So…. we were in Tennessee with Trevor’s family to celebrate his sister’s birthday. They live on 10 or so acres in a very rural, very beautiful area. Every time we go, I start all over on my daydream of living out there and having chickens and goats. Trevor had been poking around the barn when he found the two box cars he and his little sister had played with as kids. He pulled one out, dusted it off, put down a towel in it and put Sadie in. He pushed her back and forth across part of the back lawn, and she LOVED IT. It was probably the most fun she’s ever had in her little life.

Here are some pictures from Friday–evidence that she was having a blast.

Who was Wes, I wonder?

And here’s a very grainy video. I SWEAR we’re good parents.

Anyway, so eventually Trevor started pushing her down a little hill in the yard. It’s really more of a slope. He did this, oh, 20 times Friday night. She loved every second of it, and it was way hard to get her to eat dinner, because she just kept wanting to go again. We knew she’d be dying to get to it Saturday morning.

So. Saturday morning came. Sadie did, indeed, request to ride in the box car again. After the first run, I decided to go down the hill a ways so I could get some pictures of her gleeful face. My camera was set to display the newly taken photo for a couple of seconds, so I didn’t know what had happened until it was too late.

The pictures I got that morning:

Saturday morning: run one.

There is something ominous about her look, isn't there?

It's almost like you can see it coming. Only...we didn't.

The wheels on the box car weren’t well aligned, and the steering wheel was not functional. The box car, with Sadie in it, rammed into a telephone pole in their yard.

I heard the crash, Sadie’s scream, and Trevor’s yell. Threw down the camera and ran for Sadie. Her mouth was a total mess. Blood everywhere. We carried her into the bathroom to see what the damage was. She’d really bit into her bottom lip pretty bad. We got the bleeding to mostly stop and got her to nurse and then nap. Something felt funny (as in so painful it wasn’t funny) when she nursed, and I thought I caught a glimpse of something strange going on in her mouth. Everyone said it was just because there was so much blood.

After her nap, Trevor’s mom suggested a bath. She played with the bath toys and perked up a bit, and I was able to clean her up. She wanted to nurse again, and that time, when she stopped, I could see that there was definitely something wrong with her mouth. Trevor’s sister held Sadie down, and we pulled back her top lip. Sure enough, her front right tooth was (and still is) pushed back out of position.

Phone call to the dial-a-nurse, phone call to the ER. The doctor at the ER was awesome. Great with Sadie, very reassuring to me. The tooth wasn’t loose; it didn’t have to be pulled; it might straighten out as it heals.

Sadie was a true trooper through all of it. Yes, she was in pain off and on. But, true to form, she hardly let that slow her down.

Trevor and I both feel SO BAD, of course. But we know that we can’t shield her from everything. It was a freak accident that happened doing something that she’d been having so much fun doing. And the results probably would have been the same had she been 5 years old instead of 17 months. We’re glad it wasn’t worse. But we wish it hadn’t happened. Ah, the conflicts of parenthood. It was really hard to see her bleed. And to be in such pain.

I didn’t take any gory pictures of her mouth, and I’m glad I didn’t. The image is seared in my brain for a while now, and I don’t think she needs to have to see how scary it looked when she gets older.

Sadie, it looked really, really bad. Just trust us on this.

Her lip healed pretty quickly, and her tooth looks a lot better than it did and better even than I thought it would. There might even be hope that it’ll straighten out the rest of the way.

If not, we’ll just call her Little Snaggletoth Sadie.

(If I could steal the batteries back from Sadie’s new record player and put them back in my camera, or if I could use my camera on my iPhone without Sadie flipping her lid, I’d have a picture on here proving she’s okay. You’re just going to have to trust me, I guess!)

3 thoughts on “Snaggletooth

  1. Mindy

    Ouch! Poor sadie. I am so sorry. I know that had to hurt you just about as bad as it had to hurt her. I am sure she is still as cute as ever and yes those teeth are not not permanent, so you can be thankful for that right!? Well just as a side note, my friend had a toddler get kicked in the mouth and shoved his 2 top teeth up into his gums. The mom gently worked the teeth back down (a little bit) from the top at the gum, versus pulling the teeth down, and they ended up looking pretty good. The pediatric dentist said whatever you do, DO NOT PULL THEM or the root with detach or something and the will die. But if you wiggle them from the top just a little, with some help from gravity they will settle. So maybe the tooth “settled” in her favor! Good luck. 🙂 I miss her.
    .-= Mindy´s last blog ..Go Hogs Go! =-.

    1. Brooke Post author

      It was scary. We followed it up by not moving quickly enough this past Sunday, and she pulled a friend’s mountain bike on top of herself. We rock. She’s the biggest trooper ever, I tell ya. A scuff to the head, a couple minutes of crying, and then back to playing like nothing had ever happened. Of course, she’s been pointing to it off and on, saying, “Hurt.” And I just apologize over and over. These kids are out to break our hearts, I’m convinced.


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