So, there’s been no vomiting.  Yet.  But, boy, has there ever been some nausea!  Friday was pretty bad, and today has been horrible.  I could hardly eat anything at lunch.  Which means I’m hungry now, but I’m still too nauseous to eat anything other than candy.  Not good.

We’ve added a few more people to the “they know” list.  I’m starting to wonder how on earth anyone ever keeps it a secret the whole first trimester.  I think we’re at seven weeks as of yesterday, but I don’t know that with any amount of certainty.  We’re having our first midwife appointment on Wednesday, so hopefully I’ll know more by then.

I’ve learned today that a book club friend’s baby is in the NICU at Chidren’s Hospital, and they don’t know what’s wrong with her, or when they’ll have some answers.  It’s really scary, and it’s hitting home more than it would have a month ago.  We book club gals are rallying to try to help with meals, etc., but I know we all wish there were more we could do.

On a lighter note, I’ve been poking around some maternity clothes departments on Target’s and Gap’s websites.  I’ve been needing a wardrobe shift for a good year or so, so I’m actually looking forward to it a teeney bit.  I might even go this week and check out some shorts for the beach.  Not that I’m showing by any means, but I’ve grown enough of a belly over the last couple of years to have outgrown pretty much all of my shorts.  I figure I might as well go for some maternity ones so I can wear them around the house this winter when I’m huge and burning up!

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