it’s that time again. yep, time for another photo update. i don’t know why it takes me so long to get around to putting my pictures on my computer from my camera. there’s been a good bit going on lately. i’m putting in my first job application (nervous!) for a postition with winrock international at their arlington, virginia office. that would be nuts, huh…living so close to d.c. i have no idea what my shot is at this job, it’s definitely not a “social work” job. but i think i could do it. well, anyway, to the photos!

this is the major spread i made for the superbowl “party”. we had homemade hot wings, seven-layer bean dip, potato wedges, homemade cheese, and puppy chow. there were sooo many leftovers. we ate them for days. and we’ve still got a fridge FULL of beer.

here’s lindsey at her 3rd birthday party (not her most photographic moment). it was at the gym where the kids take gymnastics and gina teaches. it was super cute, especially when all the kids were in the foam pit. gina did the dora cake, which looked awesome. she was up all night with it. good stuff.

here’s trevor and me after our delicious valentine’s day dinner at vermillion water grill. we ate sooo much food; i couldn’t even sleep on my stomach i was so full. we had shrimp pad thai, salads (trevor’s had duck on it), basil seared scallops with garlic mashed potatoes (me), lamb loin chops with garlic mashed potatoes (trevor), and white chocolate raspberry creme brulee. it was amazing.

ahh, yes. the highlight of my week. my new baby, my new hobby, my new obsession. since trevor and i decided to do a road trip instead of costa rica for my graduation trip, i decided to splurge and buy myself a mandolin. yep, i’m teaching myself to play. i’ve got chords c and g down pretty well, and i’m working on f (can’t get it to sound pretty), d and a (both of which are hard to get my fingers to do). i spent over an hour trying to tune it properly with trevor’s help. man, that’s hard. my e string is tough to get just right. i’m really excited, and i think this just might be my thing.

and here are the boys on the wintery day. trevor’s getting started on his 4-hour marathon of golf on the xbox. tarzan slept quite a bit. ashley walked over and the three of us walked to sufficient grounds for lunch and warm beverages. rented a movie, and i’ve been cozy inside since.
well, that’s all of that for now.

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