Sadie’s Big Girl Room

So, we’re considering moving Sadie’s crib into her bedroom. I really don’t like Trevor sleeping on the couch, and I think the nights are getting warm enough that it’ll be fine for Sadie to sleep in her room. There will still be a bed in there, in case she needs me to sleep with her. But otherwise, the plan is for her to start sleeping in her crib full-time. She did this last night, with the crib in our room, and it didn’t go any worse than usual. I know this isn’t going to magically fix her nighttime issues, but I do hope it won’t set us back. If it does, we are totally fine with trying something else out. We’re all about flexibility around here. Anybody know where to get affordable curtains that will block out the light coming in from a HUGE window?

4 thoughts on “Sadie’s Big Girl Room

  1. Ashley

    You can get blackout fabric from your local fabric store. its much less expensive than buying curtains. (if you sew)

    Otherwise Target has some heavy duty curtains. Good luck.

  2. Brooke Post author

    I found some blackout curtains at Target that were reasonably priced and reasonably attractive. They work well enough–it’s at least as dark in her room as it ever gets in ours, which is what she’s used to. Once I get the proper bedding back on the big-girl bed, I’ll post some pictures. Her room is looking cute!


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