Our cloth diapering plans

Call us crazy.  Or old fashioned.  But we’re planning on cloth diapering little Baby Edwards.  We’ve put in a lot of research and thought into it all, and I think it’s going to pan out pretty well.  There’s certainly a great deal of controversy about whether cloth or disposables are the “greener” option.  There are also various break-downs examining the costs of cloth vs. disposables.  And there’s also the health argument.

Our reasons for cloth diapering…basically it just seemed in line with many of our other decisions.  Using something that’s reusable–especially when we’re planning on having more than one baby–makes sense to us.  Trevor was cloth diapered, and he was actually the first to bring it up when we started the “baby conversation.”  We know it won’t all be kittens and rainbows (particularly considering my sensitive gag reflex–though EVERYONE promises that will change “once it’s your own baby”), but we also know it’s doable.

Probably the only time it'll look this cute.

Probably the only time they will look this cute.

While we’re not 100 percent sure we’ve got everything we need, I think we’re off to a good start.  I did a “first wash” of everything that’s new the other day, and tested it to see how much I could fit on our line dryer–looks like a lot to me.  We’re going for a combined system of pocket diapers and prefolds with covers.  Here’s what we’ve got so far:

  • 11 bumGenius one-size pocket diapers, which will fit from 7-35 pounds and will be as easy to use (for the changer) as any disposable.  We’re hoping to talk our daycare into using these, as well as any babysitting friends and family.  We’ve been gifted all of these, but we may end up buying some more, depending on how things work out between washes.  Each one ordered comes with a newborn insert (which can later serve as a doubler) and an adjustable insert for when the baby gets bigger.
  • 23 newborn size prefold diapers, which fit from 5-10 pounds.  We’ve got these on loan from friends of ours whose baby is about nine months ahead of ours, and we’ll be borrowing the larger sizes as our baby grows.  These will mostly be for around the house.  At first, I was kind of opposed to going the “old fashioned” route, but when we had the opportunity go borrow so many instead of buying probably twice as many of the bumGenius diapers than we already have, it was hard not to be a little more flexible.  Especially when there are new-age fasteners that mean I don’t have to worry with pins.
  • 3 newborn and 3 medium diaper covers to go over the prefolds.  We’ll be borrowing smalls and larges when the time comes.  If we were only using these, we would probably have bought several more in each size.
  • 12 diaper doublers.  We stuck with the bumGenius brand, and these are actually just the same as the newborn-size inserts.  We can use these with both the pocket and the prefold diapers.  These will be useful for outings and overnight, to help keep Baby Edwards dry when we need a little extra time between changes.
  • 30 cotton terry cloth wipes.  These can be thrown right in the wash with the diapers, and we also got some stuff to mix up and make the wipes all wipey.  We’ll just keep them on hand in a container of some sort.
  • 2 diaper pail liners, which can also go in the wash with the diapers.  We got two so we can always have a clean one in the pail.
  • A step trash can, to serve as the diaper pail.  We tried a diaper-genie sort of thing, but it didn’t want to close with our thick pail liner, and we definitely didn’t want to use plastic bags for our washable diapers.  We like this one because the lid locks, and it has wheels, both of which will make for easy transport to the washing machine.
  • 2 wet bags, which will be necessary if daycare says yes to our bumGenius diapers, as well as super handy when we’re out and about with Baby Edwards.
  • A diaper sprayer.  Okay, so this was kind of a splurge.  But I see it as a way to compromise with my gag reflex.  This thing hooks up to the toilet and is used to spray off the poo that doesn’t want to just shake out.  It’ll replace “swishing” the diaper in the toilet–a pretty disgusting concept to me, particularly with a low-flow toilet.  They’re also touted as being great for “postnatal personal care”, but some reviewers are wise enough to point out that the water running to the toilet is NOT heated, so I’m not sure how often I’ll be using it for such purposes…

And that about sums it up.  For now, at least.  There are soooo many options out there right now, it’s actually pretty overwhelming.  And I know we’ll end up using disposables every so often–especially if daycare says no.  But, since we’re borrowing so much and have been gifted so much, I think the benefits are going to way outweigh the costs–and that’s only looking at the monetary side of things.  I believe we’re going to be super glad of this decision.  And Baby Edwards is going to have one cute little bum!

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