On why I never post.

I have very little energy for blogging lately. Add to that the fact that I made the egregious mistake of downloading Peekaboo Barn for Sadie during a DESPERATELY long doctor’s appointment and can no longer even take a phone call–let alone take pictures of Sadie with my phone–without her wiggling her finger at me, saying, “Buh boo?” That means Peekaboo Barn. Damnit.

But I did write a post a few nights ago, and I’m going to see about pulling some accompanying pictures off of my camera. So maybe I’ll get back into the swing of things.

I guess the upside to Buh boo is that maybe I’ll get better about taking pictures of Sadie with my “real” camera. She definitely requests it, but not with the level of ferocity as she does the iPhone (I had such good intentions).

I miss it, the blogging.

I also finally added Press This to my toolbar, so now you’ll have the pleasure of my microblogging miscellaneous crap I’ve always wanted to blog about, but never get around to copying and pasting the dern links to. So, there.

3 thoughts on “On why I never post.

  1. TMae

    I, while still a newbie blogger, haven’t felt much like posting lately. I’ve vowed to get back into it, because while I was being consistent about it, I enjoyed it.
    .-= TMae´s last blog ..The best toys =-.

  2. Mindy

    Hahaha You mean peeeekaboooooo ba-wwwn 🙂 ????In that insanely cute little kid high voice??? Uhm Elem loved that one, and actually still plays it every once in a while. I love that game.
    .-= Mindy´s last blog ..Go Hogs Go! =-.

    1. Brooke Post author

      Oh, yes. That’s the one. I actually set it to not make the animal sounds (she already does them all herself) and for the voice to be an adult’s. Trying to take some of the allure away. She’s also discovered, though, that my iPhone can play music. She’s become even MORE obsessed with music, if that’s even possible. Of course, we’re totally down with that!


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