Nursing Sadie, the Mother-in-Training

At about 6:00 Thursday morning, I nursed my first babydoll. I’d been wondering when it was going to happen, and figured it was bound to at some point, with Sadie still nursing and with her growing attachment to her babydoll.

Sadie got her first babydoll for Christmas last year from her Mimi and Papa. She instantly loved it, and we were surprised by her enthusiasm at such a young age. She’s definitely had spans of time where her interest isn’t quite so intense, but for the most part, Sadie is a babydoll kind of girl. (I, on the other hand, was not. Sure, I had a few Cabbage Patch dolls, but I was SO much more interested in Barbie. I didn’t want to change diapers; I wanted to go out on dates.)

As Sadie has grown and learned and observed more and more, her relationship with Baby (as she calls her) has matured. Sadie now frequently insists that we swaddle (SWA!) Baby. She loves to rock her, to pat her, and to shush her. She requests “Rock-a-Bye Baby” be sung while she rocks Baby multiple times a day. It’s really been a joy to see Sadie love her Baby so much, because I feel like it’s a genuine reflection for the love we’ve been pouring into her for the past 19+ months.

Thursday morning, though, a change took place. Of clothes, that is. On Monday, I’d picked up some dresses and outfits from Sadie’s Mimi for Sadie to wear this winter and next spring. These are mostly handmade clothes that have been worn by girls in our family for many years. Well, there was one that didn’t have a hanger, and somehow it ended up in Sadie’s hands. She brought it, and Baby, to me and indicated that she wanted Baby to wear it. The end-of-the-day report from Aunt Gwen (who Sadie still calls “Girl”–too cute!) was that Baby was an integral part of Wednesday. They had done everything together.

Ever since I read this hilarious essay, Nursing Johnny Depp, I wondered if my time would come to nurse something other than Sadie. I mean, with an old enough nursling, surely it happens at some point. So it wasn’t ALL that surprising when, early Thursday morning, Saide said “nuh nuh, Baby” and put Baby to my breast so Baby could nurse, too.

I wonder if this will become a trend. And I wonder who or what else I’ll be asked to nurse.

At the very least, I guess I can take it as a slightly hopeful sign that Sadie would, if the time came, be willing to share the Nuh Nuhs with a REAL baby.

In other Nuh Nuh news, Saide is also beginning to generalize my breasts with other breasts. It first started by her pointing at one of my bridal portraits. Specifically, my boobs. “Nuh Nuh!” she said. Yes, those are Nuh Nuhs. (This is the ONE body part I am temporarily using a made-up word for. It started out as a verb; now it is both verb and noun.) But there have been other times recently she has pointed to a photograph of another woman and said, “Nuh Nuh!” Yes, those are also Nuh Nuhs. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t come back to embarrass me.

She’s also got an incredible memory for the Nuh Nuhs. While at the Memphis Zoo a few weeks ago, a mama giraffe was nursing her baby. I couldn’t resist, so I held Sadie up and said, “Look, Sadie, the baby giraffe is having Nuh Nuhs!” Now, every time she sees an image of a giraffe, she says, “Nuh Nuh.” Oops.

6 thoughts on “Nursing Sadie, the Mother-in-Training

  1. Amira

    Sounds like she and Baby will be together for a while, which is sweet. I always smile when I see a child with their favorite toy or doll or blanket, whatever it may be.

    I wonder if you and Trevor referred to breastfeeding as nuh nuh and now she calls feeding and breasts nuhnuhs, because Aiman refers to eating in general as nahnah. He’ll rarely says “food” or call the food specifically. But we actually always called it nahnah, so it stuck.

    Oh and it’s pretty funny that she calls her aunt “Girl!” bwahahahaha
    Amira´s last blog post ..I Think I’m Being Replaced

    1. Brooke Post author

      Sadie actually came up with “nuh nuh” on her own. I would always ask her if she wanted to nurse, and as soon as she started saying “nuh nuh,” we sort of went with it, because it was SO MUCH more convenient for her to be able to voice her need to nurse than to have to holler. Of course, that was until she started demanding it all the time. 🙂

  2. Sam

    love that she loves her baby so much!! And LOVE that Nursing Johnny Depp article. hahahaha. awesome. I have a son who is so obviously a boy already… wonder what I’ll nurse?!

  3. Mom

    Do you think Sadie will remain attached to Baby as much as you were to Mutt? I think that that is one of the most endearing things about a kid. I think it is the cutest thing to see in a mall when a kid shows great affection to a baby doll or a stuffed animal.:)


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