Nine thousand cottleston pies.

Well, more like 9,000 miles. That’s about how far I’m going to be from my family. For real.

In case I haven’t talked to you lately, the big news is that I am traveling to Kenya and Uganda for work. Wowza would be an appropriate response. I’m accompanying our new CEO on a trip to visit some of our East Africa Dairy Development projects. I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything, and I just finished packing, so I’m going to be brief for the moment.

I may or may not be posting on this blog while I’m there. I’m going to be primarily posting to the Heifer blog and hopefully quite a bit, so keep an eye out there. I’ll also be sending in real-time tweets (@brookeje), if all goes well.

I’m super excited about the trip, but I’m also bummed about being so far away for so long from Trevor and Sadie. I wish they were coming with me. I’ve gotten choked up a couple of times already about leaving Sadie. We had our trial run back in September when I went to Orlando, so I know she’ll be fine. She’s in good hands. I just hope I don’t embarrass myself in front of my colleagues, bawling my eyes out or anything.

It’s been pretty whirlwind getting ready for this trip, too. I only learned I was going right before Thanksgiving. I had to have my passport expedited, get my shots (Oh, and cross your fingers I don’t get yellow fever. They don’t give that vaccine out to nursing mothers, FYI.), do all kinds of other paperwork, round up all the gear I’m taking and who knows what else. I nearly left work Friday without my travel advance; I did forget to deposit it. I stained a (borrowed) pair of pants and two (new-used) white shirts pink; I was totally unsuccessful at attempting to dye them blue. But, I did manage to pack everything I need into a laptop bag and a carry-on suitcase. Ten points for me!

So, I’ll leave you with the best picture I’ve taken of Sadie in a long time. I’ve set it as the background on my laptop. You know, so I can cry every night when I’m trying to get my job done.

10 thoughts on “Nine thousand cottleston pies.

  1. Sam

    that’s a beautiful photo. Good to know about that vaccine as I may be going to Colombia with Mike this summer. Good luck, and I’ll be sending you “Sadie’s alright, vibes!” I have no words of wisdom, though, since I can barely muster up enough strength to leave Samuel for a work day! I’m a total sap!!

  2. Shannon

    Sounds like an awesome opportunity and one you never will forget. I know I would be a mess to leave Nash behind so I will be thinking of you. Have a fun and safe trip!

  3. Connie

    Brooke! That’s great news! I know how much you want to travel. How long will you be there? It will be so great seeing Heifer in action. Wishing you speedy and painless traveling from Kabul…

    1. Brooke Post author

      Hey Connie! Today is my second full day. I’ll be in Uganda until Sunday, and then I have one day in Kenya before returning home.

    1. Brooke Post author

      This trip is totally amazing! I only wish I’d gotten to spend a lot more time out in the field. Basically had a day and a half, and the rest have been/will be meetings. I’m really looking forward to being home, though.


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