My Day Without Shoes

Was pretty uneventful. I didn’t get any cuts, not even a stone bruise. I’m fairly certain I did not pick up any worms or contract any diseases. It was a bit cool (in the 40s when I left for work), but nothing unbearable. Although nobody asked me why I was barefoot, I noticed that I was pretty self-conscious about it, to the extent that I think I was walking weird. Like, in quick, short steps. I suppose it was because I work in a large office with a lot of people, some of whom don’t know me at all, and none of whom really know me very well.

I walked on a number of surfaces, most of which my bare feet normally never touch (bamboo flooring!). The most difficult to walk on was definitely the gravel in the parking lot at work. But I only had a few steps to go on it. I did put my shoes on when I went to pick Sadie up from daycare, because I figured being shoeless was probably a no-no with health codes and all. When I got there, though, the daycare director was shoeless, too! So I popped my shoes back into my purse.

It was easy for me, but for millions of kids, it’s no joke. Many families can’t afford shoes for their children. And no shoes often equals no education.

On the bathroom tile.

On the parking lot gravel.



I think One Day Without Shoes is a great idea, and I hope to participate more fully next year. It’s pretty easy to participate–just don’t wear shoes! Did anybody else join the movement? What did you do? What are other unique ways we can raise awareness about issues that matter to us?

In addition to TOMS One for One movement, here are a few other ways you can help others have shoes on their feet:

  • Shoe4Africa I’m actually having a tough time telling if they’re still in operation.
  • This Runner’s World article (albeit old) has some additional links.
  • And don’t forget to think locally. Nonprofits in your home town like Salvation Army or Goodwill are happy to take your gently used shoes.

6 thoughts on “My Day Without Shoes

  1. carrie

    Nathanael has been doing barefoot running–it’s so much easier on his feet and back. He did end up getting these strange protective rubbery avatar/treefrog looking foot coverings to prevent cuts. I know–not really related to the millions of people without shoes, but…You’ll have to ask him about it.

    1. Brooke Post author

      Y’all told us about them at Easter. I want to see them, though. He should run on down sometime (you, too).

  2. Peta-Jo

    How fab do your feet look post-day?! My feet look much worse than that on a good day! Perhaps because I wonder around the house shoeless most of the day!
    Anyway, I’ve been asked to list my seven favourite mummy bloggers and I picked you as one for the “kreativ blogger award”. I have a feeling it’s much like chain mail in reality, and I’m sorry if it is, but if you’d like to take up the challenge and reveal seven little known things about yourself, you can have a look at the details on my site
    .-= Peta-Jo´s last blog ..The challenge has been set =-.

    1. Brooke Post author

      Um, okay. So here’s a confession: The post-shower picture is actually post-shower, post-morning-around-the-house (dirty!), post-clean-up-for-the-before-shot. Annnnd the post-day picture was taken after I’d put socks on when I got home because my feet were too cold and my floors too dirty (I hate dirty floors on bare feet, but I have a baby. Such is life, right?). I remembered to take the after shot at the last minute. Usually my feet are dirtier than that on any given day. I will say, though, that after a full day of running around barefoot at the office, I am supremely impressed with how clean they keep the floors. Go, Ms. Velvet!

      Thanks for the blog award! I am quite honored. Unfortunately, I am allergic to words like “kreativ,” (Why can’t it just be “creative,” for Pete’s sake?). But I’m honored that you count me among your favorites, and I’m glad to have you on my radar. I’ve already snooped around your blog a bit, and I like it! You’re working on your second novel, eh?

  3. LaTonya

    This sounds like a great experiece. What a great way to bring awareness. How many people asked why you didn’t have on shoes?

    I found you via, Arkansas Women Bloggers.

    1. Brooke Post author

      Hi, LaTonya. Surprisingly, not a single person asked me. I guess it’s not too surprising, though, since I only went three places: work, where probably most folks knew about the day, because there had been an event supporting it there the night before; my daughter’s daycare, where the director was actually participating; and a local shop that was promoting the day by putting TOMS shoes on sale for their barefoot customers.


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