Mother’s Day Recap

Despite the cold and rainy morning, we took Sadie on her first bike ride.

She was a little less than thrilled about donning the helmet. Suck it up, kid. Them’s the rules.

Snuggled with a water bottle and Violet, ready to go.

Could she BE any cuter in there? She really did have fun. Trevor pulled her, and I tried to stay where I could see her. She definitely cracked a few smiles, and I have a feeling this will be a regular Sunday activity for us. Trevor wants to bike her to my work on Tuesdays, rather than drive, for our lunches together, but I’m still a little nervous at the thought of Sadie in traffic (yikes, right?).

While Trevor packed up the bikes and the trailer, Sadie and I chased geese. She kept calling them “dog,” of course.

After a nap, lunch and a wardrobe change, we went to the park. Sadie was unusually worried about going down the slide by herself, so Trevor went along for encouragement.

So Mother’s Day was pretty much like any other Sunday, and I kind of liked that. We had a cookout at my aunt and uncle’s with my family, so Sadie had lots of cousin time. Maybe one of these years I’ll insist on a totally relaxing Mother’s Day. We just can’t seem to chill on the weekends. How do people do it?

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Recap

  1. Shannon

    The bike thing looks awesome. I think Nash would love it and Sadie does looks super cute all snug in there.


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