Mini road trip

Sadie and I had quite the Saturday this past weekend. We hit the road for the Memphis Zoo, where we met up with my blog friend, Stephanie, and her lovely family. Stephanie’s son is one week to the day older than Sadie, and it was a pot of fun getting the two of them together. The zoo was alright. I’ve always heard great things about the Memphis Zoo, and I can see it’s appeal over, say the Little Rock Zoo–it’s much larger, and there are a lot more animals. But it’s still a zoo, and the animals don’t really have much more going for them there than they do in any other zoo, as far as I could tell. I think Sadie liked seeing the animals, but I think she was just as happy (once she warmed up to him) to watch Jasper in his car seat. She didn’t seem to notice when we breezed right by animals, and sometimes I wondered if she could even see the animals that were sleeping–like some ducks snoozing just a few feet away, blending in with their surroundings. (What are almost-1-year-old’s eyesights like? T-Rex?). At any rate, we had a good time at the zoo, strolling the babes around. After a while, we ditched Jasper’s rented car seat and headed out to the park that’s just next door. The babies had so much fun! As you can see, Sadie really took to Stephanie. She crawled into her lap several times. This is the only picture I managed to take, and I took it with my phone, and stuck my finger in the way while I was at it. Skills…I have them not.

Can’t quite tell if Jasper’s like, “Hey, that’s my mom,” or “Hey, that’s my Hawaiian coffee cracker.”

The next stop on our journey was to the LUSH (!!!) counter at Macy’s. Ever since I stumbled into a LUSH in NYC one summer, I’ve been obsessed with their Rockstar soap. I don’t think I’ve ever reacted so positively to a scent before. I love this smell, and I love getting to smell like this smell. I can’t even fully put it into words. The nearest one to a full store is Dallas, and Memphis has this counter in the Macy’s cosmetics department. I KNOW I can order it online, but there’s something about purchasing it in person–or having someone else pick some up for me (dude, check in with me if you’re local and making a stop there sometime)–that makes it all the more a treat. Because it’s not cheap. There’s no way it could be my one-and-only soap. Oh, and going to a tightly-packed cosmetics area with a CRANKY baby… not the best idea ever hatched. But after my rockin awesome shower this morning, I can tell you it was absolutely worth it.

Our final destination was to see my friends from college, Debbie and Josh. The have been together since our Freshman year, and they had a beautiful baby boy just three weeks ago. They’ve been up in Michigan for quite some time, and I can’t remember when I’d seen them last, but they moved down to Memphis right before Benjamin was born. It was great to see them and to meet the little one. Sadie turned on her mad charm and taught the new parents what all they needed to baby-proof in the coming months.

The ride home was not so awesome. Sadie was WAY under-napped, and I thought she’d just crash and sleep the whole way. She had other plans in mind: screaming. We pulled over twice, once to nurse for a good long while, and another time to put some solid food in her belly. Nothing helped. Well, I guess she did finally quiet down just before we crossed the river into Little Rock, when I started whistling “Frere Jacques.” Because singing it for 10 miles just wouldn’t do.

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