Life from the couch

I’ll spare you the details, but this week I’ve either had some sort of stomach bug, or I have managed to give myself a touch of food poisoning. Twice.

Today I worked from home, which means I was glued to the couch pretty much all day. Two laptops open, a Gatorade (gag) by my side. It got me reminiscing, though, about this time last year. Sadie was just over a month old, and we spent all day every day on the couch, from what I can remember.

Other than the stomach yuckies, it’s been relatively uneventful around here. Sadie is learning new words all the time–we’ve got “hey,” “hi,” “bye, bye,” “dog,” “woof, woof,” “kitty” (sort of), “eye,” “ball” (but not eyeball), and probably a couple more I’m not thinking of. Sadie is increasingly demanding about going outside. She had two stroller rides today, which has us hopeful that Sadie will love (she’d better) the bike trailer that just came for her today.

It might rain on Sunday, but if not, we’ll be taking her for a spin!

Oh, and don’t worry, she’s also got one of these:

Now, here’s hoping her mama can find the energy to pedal (not to mention her padded bike shorts!).

4 thoughts on “Life from the couch

  1. Fawn

    Sorry you’ve been feeling cruddy. We recently scored a bike trailer at a yard sale, and the kids love it. Lucky for me, though, Craig usually pulls them behind the mountain bike while I pretend to remember how to ride my road bike. We should all go for a ride together sometime!
    .-= Fawn´s last blog ..MOMcation 2010 Wrap-up =-.

    1. Brooke Post author

      Oh, the thought of ME being the one to pull Sadie in the trailer is laughable. I meant that I hope I can even keep up. Trevor will be pulling her with his mountain bike, which should level out my odds a little. Maybe. We should definitely go for a ride! Sunday is the only day of the week Trevor and I are both off together, so that’s when we’ll be hitting the trail.

    1. Brooke Post author

      Well, Trevor works at a bike shop, so he was able to order what we wanted through their dealer. Or rep. Or something that sounds less drug-related… Anyway, it’s a Specialized Small Fry (which comes in a toddler size). You can find them through online retailers, if there’s not a bike shop in your area that carries them. Here’s an interesting thing I found on babies and helmets: What kind of trailer are you getting? I think Sadie is going to have a lot of fun, but it all does make me a leeetle nervous.


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