Killing me softly

I hate to be a total complainer, but this first trimester thing sucks.  Looking back, I’ve realized my stomach hasn’t felt normal in over a month!  And all I want to do is take naps all the time.  Unfortunately, there’s rarely enough free time to take one.  I still haven’t gotten to hear the baby’s heartbeat, so it’s hard not to keep on feeling like I’ve just got this alien parasite thing trying to slowly drain the life out of me.

This video sort of helps.  I’m actually a little uncertain if this is what my baby looks like now, or what it will look like  in two weeks.  The whole dating thing is a little wonky.   I’m nine weeks (almost 10) along, according to the “current” way of counting.  But the baby is only about seven weeks old.  Apparently, it’s the size of a grape or martini olive, and it weighs about as much as a paperclip.  And my uterus is the size of a small cantaloupe–that’s actually a little hard to imagine.  I guess it’s hiding under the pretend baby belly I’ve had for the past couple of years.  I have noticed that I can’t “suck in” my stomach as far anymore.  And I’ve already made the move to maternity pants for work (Thank you, Target!  And Carrie for hemming them–I’m such a shortie!).

Speaking of work, I’ve gone ahead and told my bosses about my bun in the oven.  It went over quite well.  No questions yet about how I plan to make all of this work.  I won’t be the first parent on the team, but I will be the first pregnant woman/mother.

As a follow-up to my last post, I’ve made an appointment with an OB.  Turns out, though, he would almost certainly “fire” me if I told him I’m planning a homebirth.  So, I’m going to have to make the system work for me a little.  Have an appointment or two, then give him the news and the chance to fire me.  That way, if I turn out to be too high-risk (our midwife assures me this almost never happens anyway) and they have to refer me, I’ll at least have a teensey bit of history with a doctor who, by reputation, is quite good and pro natural birth.  I’m finally feeling much less anxious about that!

We’re getting closer and closer to getting to tell Trevor’s family about the baby.  We’re heading to TN next week for his sister’s wedding, and we’re planning on telling everyone the day after the wedding.  Trevor is sure his mother will figure it out beforehand, but I don’t think so.  What I do see happening is her making a big ol’ announcement when we go to her church on Sunday morning.  Fortunately, it’s a pretty small congregation of folks I’ve mostly met.  This will be the first grandchild for his parents, so that makes it a little extra exciting.

Well, here’s to a hopefully calm weekend with a more settled stomach!

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