I Watcha Birds


So here’s a little secret. Remember when I mentioned that we’ve let Sadie watch a bit more “TV” than we’d planned to at this point? Well, a certain member of the household (who shall remain unnamed to protect the guilty) has been exposing Sadie to the lawless ways of bootleg movie watching.

Namely, Rio. Sadie affectionately just calls it “Birds.” in an attempt to both right a wrong and test the waters a bit (and, honestly, I’ve been missing The Movies quite a bit myself since parenthood), we met up with Ashley and Margie to see Rio in the theater.

It went about as well as could be expected of a couple of toddlers. We made it through about two-thirds of the movie, and without any major scene. Were our cinematic neighbors thrilled we were there (and then gone, and then back, as the girls could not seem to decide)? Probably not. But it’s not like this was the opening show of Harry Potter or something.

Oh, and it turns out Rio is a 3D show. Sadie wouldn’t wear her glasses after being terrified by the Ice Age squirrel thingy short. Which means she watched almost a whole movie all blurry-eyed. Ah, well.

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