Hard at work.

I’ve tried to commit myself to never posting about not posting, but here we are. Things have gotten BUSY at work–the busiest since I started in October. I’ve been learning a new program (since I’m on a Mac, should I call it an app??), and my brain is sooooo stretched. Not to mention the loads of writing and rewriting I’ve been doing. Needless to say, I’ve not been in a huge mood pick back up with writing on a computer when I get home. Oh, and I’ve taken nary a photo of Sadie Miss. Which is horribly wrong and sad, but there you go. She’s hardly ever still enough, I tell you.

So here are some tidbits for you:

  • I brought home a plastic play kitchen from daycare today. It’s pretty big, but I think it’ll hold us over until Trevor and I can build one for her to our specifications. Whatever those end up being.
  • Sadie is in LOVE with the bike trailer. Don’t ever let her see it unless you are seconds from putting her in it. And don’t even THINK about taking her out before she’s finished.
  • One of Trevor’s sisters is coming this weekend for a couple of auditions at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre. We’re excited to have her here again so soon! And we hope she gets a part!
  • Willow got her summer cut. She looks like an awkward 7th grader. Must post pictures of this soon.
  • I want to write reviews of the cloth diapers we’ve been using.
  • I’m reading a book that I want to tell you all about. It’s about nutrition for children, but it’s already got me reevaluating how I view myself and my body. Which is a GOOD thing. But my book club is going to kill me because I have failed YET AGAIN to read this month’s book.
  • I saw Babies Tuesday night, and it was fantastic. I went with three friends who are not mothers, and one friend who is a new mother. We giggled through the whole thing.
  • I have mastered holding Sadie on one hip and catching a chicken at the same time. I am a citysteading rockstar.
  • I care A LOT about the oil spill and it’s negative effects on the environment and the economy. I am also a little self-centered, and I’m mega sad that my family might cancel our vacation to Orange Beach this summer. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time.
  • In the same day (yesterday), I learned that one friend had her baby (another Sadie!) and that another is pregnant. My baby bug inoculation seems to be wearing off. Probably has to do with Sadie continuing to mostly sleep well.
  • We are having an ice cream social today at work, and I can’t wait!

Okay, I’ve got to stop now. My head is about to explode.

One thought on “Hard at work.

  1. Sam

    Our family has decided to go to the beach next week anyway (Seagrove Beach, FL) on the panhandle… I’ll let you know if it’s worth it!


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