Happy New Year! We’re on vacation!

Horray!  The missing post has been discovered!  Thank you Becca and/or Tara–I’m not sure which of you left the comment, but you win the gold star for finding it!

SO, here is a post that is a little less than accurate (as in, we’re not on vacation anymore), but still might be worth a read…

As you are reading this, Trevor and I are on our last pre-baby trip to visit his family in Telford, Tennessee.

Happy New Year, everybody!  Is it totally sad that we spent our last pre-baby New Year’s Eve in a car?  Maybe, but that’s just how things worked out.  I’m obviously writing this post ahead of time, so I’ll save the trip stories for when we get back.

As I write this, I’m dealing with  my first sickness during pregnancy.  Trevor caught a cold a few days after Christmas and was kind enough to give it to me.  Funny thing is that I normally am the one passing a cold on to him.  And, I usually get sick on my first day of vacation, as opposed to my last.  I’ve had to miss more work than I had planned on, but I guess this is the best time of the year to do so.  Having a cold while you’re pregnant pretty much sucks.  There’s just not a whole lot that I can do about it.  I don’t normally take too much medicine for a cold–I mean, it’s not like it’s going to be cured by anything anyway–but some Claritin or something might be nice.  I did get a neti pot, though the verdict is still out on how much that’s helping.  My midwife suggested adding grapefruit seed extract, but I’ve held off sending Trevor out for any of that, because it’s the sort of thing that would frustrate him to have to track down.  I’m trying to get more fluids down, but that can be hard when you’re making trips to the bathroom after every few sips.  Baby Edwards seems to be taking the cold in stride.  Plenty of movement going on, but nothing that seems like complaining.

We’ve had a good holiday season so far.  Christmas was spent with my family, with several get-togethers of varying sizes.  We were given the crib bedding we wanted, as well as the matching blanket and lamp.  Our resolutions this New Year (well, for the few weeks after we get back from TN) include finishing the coffee table and painting a book shelf (I’ll handle picking the colors, Trevor will manage the fumey stuff), moving my favorite-for-sentimental-reasons couch out of the dining room (and, subsequently, the house), moving the office stuff into the dining room in as attractive a way possible, putting the baby’s room together, having the carpet in our bedroom cleaned, getting the crib set up in our room, and rearranging the pets’ sleeping spots to accommodate the crib.  You know, among other things…

Something else we’ll be working on is getting the animals ready for the sounds the baby will be making.  We played some YouTube videos of crying babies for them the other day, and that was pretty interesting.  Nari got a little nervous at first, but settled down fairly quickly.  Willow seemed concerned and did her piggy-whiney thing, but also calmed down before long.  Junebug tried to turn off the laptop, I think–she’s pretty technologically advanced for a cat.  And Tarzan, oh Tarzan…he took it out on the other animals.  He bit Junebug on the neck, and then went on to try to bite Willow, too.  I suppose he thought perhaps it was one of them making all the noise.  Needless to say, we’ll be playing these videos every once in a while, to try to help them become accustomed to the sounds.  Not sure how much it will pay off in the end, but it’s worth a shot.

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