It’s Sadie’s third Halloween, but it’s really her first to fully participate. I was worried about Sadie not having some big kids to trick-or-treat with. We made a few practice runs at friends’ houses, where instead of the traditional “Trick or treat!” Sadie just said, “Thanks,” and walked right in the door. We drove to the neighborhood across the way to the street of our friend’s parents, where nearly every house is a sure bet. After just a handful of houses, Sadie was trick-or-treating like a pro! And what a great time to practice her manners. She got so into it.

Oh and the candy…

We’re back home now watching the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin movie and eating a few select pieces of candy before bed. Good thing Trevor is off on Tuesdays!

I’d initially planned on Sadie being Ponyo, which she was Saturday night for a Halloween carnival. But she’d been saying she wanted to be an elephant. One wasted lunch break, a bunch of crafting supplies, and a call from a great friend later, Sadie had the perfect (albeit a touch small) elephant costume. With a little stage makeup from my college days, we completed Sadie’s look, and even painted my face white so I could be a ghost per Sadie’s suggestion.



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