Families who argue don’t go to Disney World


This is probably frowned upon in the parenting circles I frequent, but something’s gotta give.

I have invented what is either the most brilliant or most idiotic game ever to help reduce the arguing that goes on in our house with Sadie.

This morning I showed Sadie pictures online of Magic Kingdom. All the princesses live there! Winnie the Pooh lives there! Tinker Bell! Buzz Lightyear!!!

(For the past two weeks, I’ve done a great job convincing myself and Trevor that this is the year we do it. We go to Disney World!)

Here’s an example of how the game goes.

Sadie: I want some candy!
Brooke: Sorry sweetheart, we don’t have any candy in the house.
Sadie: I want candy!!!
Brooke: Sadie… Disney World…
Sadie: Okay, Mom.
Brooke: Disney World!!!
Sadie: Disney World!!!

We don’t yet have tickets purchased or a hotel booked, so I don’t feel like it’s an empty threat. I’ll be seriously disappointed if we decide not to go, but I cannot agree to take a kid who argues and yells as much as she does these days to a place like that.

We have practiced a lot today through roll play. Sadie thinks of a topic we might argue about, and we go through the the process. We even had a real-life test when she started arguing about catching her fish with the net (not until the tank is cleaned!).

Disney World!!!!

Of course, this could totally backfire on me. And even if the arguing improve between now and when we want to go, there’s a very real possibility we could have an out of control situation once we got there.

But! We are winging it. I’ve got my fingers crossed that she will notice how much more smoothly things can go if she’s not quite so contrary all the darn time.

Or by tomorrow “Disney World” will be on Sadie’s list of “mean words.”

Anyone got a better idea?

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