Email turned post about our crazy morning

So this isn’t exactly baby-related at all, but I just have to share this crazy story.  As if getting up two to three times a night to pee isn’t bad enough, apparently Trevor and I also have to be crimefighters:

I was awoken at about 3:45 this morning to this banging noise coming from our next door neighbor’s (Mr. Bishop) house.  It was still windy, but I KNEW it was a human-made noise.  I shook Trevor till he woke up and asked him to peek through our blinds (it’s hard for me to maneuver in bed these days) and see if he saw anything.  He didn’t, and he rolled back over.  The noise started up again, so I got out of the bed to look through the blinds in the baby’s room, from which we can almost see Mr. Bishop’s front porch.  I still didn’t see anybody, so I got back in bed.  But the noise kept going.  I peeked through our blinds again, and noticed that one of the curtains on one of his windows was pulled back–totally unusual (even at 8:00 in the evening when he surely has the lights on inside, we’ve NEVER seen any light coming from inside his house).

Then, Trevor saw a figure walk by the crack in the curtain.  Mr. Bishop is sort of oldish–maybe mid 60s or 70s, and not in great health, so he sort of has a shuffle to him.  At that point, I insisted Trevor call 911.  He called, they sent the police, and Trevor saw them apprehend the guy right in the street–apparently he had just walked out of the house when the cops pulled up.  We watched them cuff and frisk him.  Then one of the officers came to our door (totally blowing our cover as the “informants”) and talked to Trevor.  She asked some questions about Mr. Bishop, who often is gone overnight for several nights at a time–sometimes visiting family out of town, sometimes for stays at the hospital.  She said that the perp had bottles of Mr. Bishop’s prescription meds in his pockets.  Which made me think that it must have been someone from within the neighborhood who would a) know Mr. Bishop is old and must have some meds, and b) have known that Mr. Bishop was gone.  She came back a bit later to ask us about Mr. Bishop’s friends, because it apparently looked like this man had been staying in his house and that the house was trashed.

THEN, at about 5:30, Mr. Bishop’s sister was knocking at our door.  We’re still not entirely sure how she found out that his house had been broken into (I suspect that she was coming by to check on the place since he’s gone).  The officers were gone at that point, and she asked Trevor to go into the house with her.  He said the house was indeed totally trashed.  I asked about the metal door on the front, and Trevor said that it wasn’t all jacked up on the outside, but that Mr. Bishop’s sister had trouble getting the door to open, even with her key.  So I sort of think that dude was stuck INSIDE the house, and was banging on the metal door to get it unstuck so he could leave.  But who knows.

Well, later this morning after I’d gone to work, Mr. Bishop’s sister told Trevor that she’d spoken with the police and, it turns out that the perp lives in the duplex just caddy-corner to our house.  This man was caught just about a month or so ago with his 7th grade son, who he was using to help him break into other neighbors’ houses (I’m pretty sure he’d had four priors for burgularly).  Apparently bail was posted for him, so that’s why he was home and could break into Mr. Bishop’s house.  I bet if I’d just put on my glasses, I’d have recognized him (I see him just about every day out in his yard) when the police had him just across the street from our house.  CRAZY TOWN.

At any rate, we’ll definitely be getting the alarm activated ASAP.  I just hope, when he gets out on bail again, he doesn’t retaliate on us for getting him arrested.  He certainly knows that we’ve got two dogs, but I’m also sure he knows what our house looks like when we’re not home…

We still love our neighborhood.

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