Edwards Family Road to Homebirth: Post Two

This is the second post in the Edwards Family Road to Homebirth series.  Read about how we came to the decision to grow our family and how we came to be in the family way here.

How we came to the midwife model of care and to planning a homebirth:

This part goes way back further than any other part of this story.  I had this boyfriend in junior high and high school, and I have this memory of him telling me that he and his younger sister had both been born at home, and of me thinking that that just made so much sense to me.  Of course, it went on the back-burner, as I wasn’t really making childbirth plans in junior high (just trying to get a handle on my crazy hair); and, as mentioned above, I went a number of years thinking I’d never have babies to begin with.  Another conversation I recall, though I can’t remember who the other person was, was of someone telling me that midwives couldn’t practice legally in Arkansas.  Well, that put it even farther on the backburner, and I just figured that if I ever had a baby, I’d just do it as close to how I wanted it to be in a hospital.  But then a friend of mine got pregnant and started seeing a midwife in Conway.  I asked her-isn’t illegal for the midwife to attend a homebirth?  Of course not!  In fact, they’re licensed by the state!  Coincidentally, at the Arkansas Earth Day Festival in April 2008, I came across the booth for the Birthworks midwives and doulas.  I hit it off with one of the midwives, Kim, and it turned out that she was my friend’s midwife!  I sent her an email one day asking her lots of questions about midwifery and home birth, and she gave me a call and talked to me for over an hour one day.  When we learned I was pregnant in July, I immediately knew that I wanted to use her as our midwife, and Trevor totally agreed.  (Trevor’s back story is that he and his three sisters were born naturally in a hospital, but the thought of having a homebirth was comfortable for him right from the start-he knew I could do it).

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