Edwards Family Road to Homebirth: Post One

I realized when I was writing my last post that I actually haven’t done too much writing about how we’ve gotten to where we are so far.  So, for posterity’s sake (aka Baby Edwards), I’ll start from the beginning.  This will be a series of posts throughout the week or so…we’ll call it the Edwards Family Road to Homebirth, just for fun.

How we came to the decision to grow our family:

Trevor and I had been talking for a while about when we wanted to make ours a family of three (not counting the furrier members).  Back before I knew Trevor, I used to say that if I made it to 26 years old without having a baby, I would have one-with or without a partner (which is quite the change from my high school/college years when I swore I never wanted children).  Well, I turned 26 after Trevor and I had been married just a bit over a year…a little early to be making baby demands, I thought (for us, at least).  So we started talking about 28.  It seemed like a pretty good plan-to start trying to conceive around my 28th birthday.  But I started getting a little antsy when 27 came and went, and so did Trevor (probably had a bit to do with several of our friends getting pregnant and having babies!).  When he learned in mid 2008 that he was on track to get a promotion at work to Services Manager and a corresponding raise, we decided it was time.  “They” say that if you wait till you can afford children to have a baby, you’ll never have one.  But we thought the promise of increased income was a good enough reason for us.

How we came to be in the family way:

I’d been on an oral contraceptive (which my therapist and I now suspect was what was giving me such emotional troubles, but that’s a WHOLE other story) for several years.  I’d always heard that it could take a good little bit once off the pill before being able to conceive a baby.  I’m sure this is true for lots of women, but it was NOT the case for me!  I started a calendar to try to casually track what might be my fertile days.  We gave it a bit of a try-not very strategic-right after I went off the pill.  I thought that I was comfortable with it taking a while, but when my pregnancy test came back negative and I soon started my period again, I was much more disappointed than I had prepared myself to be.  I took that as a sign from myself that we needed to be more serious about our strategy the second go-around.  We were, and it worked.  We couldn’t believe it!  In fact, Trevor sort of wouldn’t believe it until I had positive blood results back from my doctor.

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