Duck Watch 2010

One thing I LOVE about my job is the moat at the office. Yes, you read that right: a moat. Okay, so it’s not a true moat, because it doesn’t go ALL the way around, but it does go most of the way. And the best thing about the moat is the wildlife, especially right now. So far, I’ve seen heron, geese, turtles, fish and ducks.

Yesterday morning I found a mama duck’s nest, and I’m a little worried (because, you know, I love a good worry) about her eggs. When I first saw the nest, one of the eggs looked a little rough. Maybe the duckling was jus. Taking a break from hatching. But… I don’t know how these things go. It kind of looked a little tampered with to me. Like maybe something had gotten to it. Anyway, when I checked on it later during the day, it looked like it had rolled down the bank of the moat a little.

I think, pre-Sadie, I would have been a little worried about the mama duck and her hatchlings. But I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about this little duck family. Hopefully my worries are unfounded, and the mama duck has tucked her hatched ducklings somewhere other than her egg nest (which is pretty cool looking–I’d never seen one). Maybe one day soon I’ll see the whole gang floating around together.

So I’m on watch: Duck Watch.

Duck Daddy-o.

Nest. You can't see the egg that rolled. There are also some shell fragments in the nest, as well as under the building ledge.

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