Dreaming my dreams.

So, remember when I said that I’d probably have tornado nightmares after our absurd pumpkin patch trip this year?

I had the Mother of All Tornado Dreams the other night. Y’all, it was scary. And bizarre to the max. I had this dream the night of Halloween.

Okay, so, in the dream, I was at the beach with a bunch of my family and friends. It was Halloween, so there was going to be a pumpkin carving contest for the kids. Naturally, there were a TON of pumpkins right there on the beach, waiting to be carved. Well, suddenly there was a tornado coming. It PICKED UP ALL OF THE PUMPKINS! Hundreds of them. Swirling around and around in the air! We knew, somehow, that it was going to drop them, so we all got into the fetal-bear-is-attacking-me position, only we all scrunched up together like dinner rolls about to be cooked. The tornado dropped the pumpkins like bombs. Over and over again, it picked them all up, swirled them around and dropped them. We kept running around frantically, trying to decide the safest place to all scrunch and huddle. Scary, scary, scary.

I can’t make this shit up, y’all. At least, not while I’m awake. I only wish my search of Google Images for “tornado of pumpkins” had turned up some decent results. So I went ahead and drew this.

4 thoughts on “Dreaming my dreams.

  1. Amira

    Not to poke at nightmares (because mine affect me for daaaaaysss), but the imagery of this one is pretty funny.

    But on serious note, I totally understand the apprehension of a pumpkin-which are heavy suckers- falling down at velocity strong enough to knock you unconscious. The whole thing is intensified when you know there’s going to be pumpkin guts in your hair. UGH, the mess!
    Amira´s last blog post ..Lost- My Va-Va-Voom

  2. Mom

    I find it interesting that you had a nightmare about tornadoes because back in 1974 while I was typing the Manual for Mama Helen we did in fact have a tornado and it missed Mama Helen’s house by about four blocks. Lyn and I were in the house with Mama Helen and by the time I got Mama Helen in the bathroom and had collected Smokey, my cat. because Mommie would have killed me if she had escaped the tornado was gone.

    1. Brooke Post author

      Well, what’s really interesting is how our memories work. Or don’t, really. For as long as I remember, the story was that I was a baby when the tornado struck, and we all hid in the bathroom, and the tornado took out the houses on either side of Mama Helen’s. I guess that’s how oral histories get changed up a lot! But I wasn’t even born then! All this time, I’ve felt like I’d already narrowly escaped death at the hands of a tornado, and that I would never get that lucky again. So I’ve been HORRIBLY scared of storms and tornados. Guess I don’t need to be so worried!

      1. Mom

        The storm you are remembering is the one that happened te same day of Susan Seaton’s wedding in Memphis. Your father and I were gettikng ready to go and for sure the tornado did strike and we were allmost late to the wedding. I, too, have been HORRIBLY afraid of storms ever since in the 60s when Jonesboro was devistated by a tornado. Mommie had to give me a Valium every time a severe storm was near. I guess that is the major reason I like living here in Seattle because I can take the Earth shaking a little more than I can of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.


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