Dream a little dream

Wow.  Pregnancy dreams are WEIRD.  And stressful!  Alright, so I’ve always had weird and stressful dreams/nightmares, but they’ve taken on a definite theme these days.  Here’s what I dreamed last night:

Trevor and I were running errands around town.  We stopped at the Papa John’s in the Heights (which is actually not there anymore), and there was some sort of “First Tuesday” thing going on at the shops in the area.  We were browsing through the shops, and we decided to stop in at my General Practitioner’s office.  Lo and behold, they were like “Oh, you can have your baby now.  Here’s your baby.”  And they brough her out in a carseat, ready to go.  So we take her home, thinking nothing is strange about any of this.  I try nursing and changing her, but things are super chaotic, and I think I get distracted.  Oh, and she already has this one tooth–it was super weird.  I keep falling asleep, only to wake up and realize it’s been like eight hours since I last tried to feed her.

I’m pretty sure I’ve had other dreams (even before I was pregnant) about having a baby and not remembering to feed it.  Of course there’s NO WAY I would do that, so I’m not worried about it or anything.  Not consciously, at least…

The GOOD NEWS is that I’m still sleeping pretty darn well.  I know!  Trust me, I’m counting myself lucky on this one.  I really think a lot of it has to do with my fabulous body pillow.  And I think falling asleep with an animal or two or three nearby helps a bunch.  They’re just so calming!  Of course, I’m not lucky enough to be able to avoid getting up to pee at least three times a night!  But I AM able to pretty much fall back asleep right away.

On a side note, I want to link to my friend, Ashley’s, blog post from yesterday.  It’s lists her suggestions of things to consider beforehand  if you are planning on having an epidural, in case it does not work when it needs to.  Since we’re going the homebirth route, I haven’t done much thinking about epidurals not working.  But I do think it makes sense to be at least a little prepared for natural childbirth, even if you’re not planning on one.

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