Don’t knock that head

I totally almost fainted at my desk yesterday.  It was pretty scary.  I went to get some more water from the office kitchen, and I noticed there were these little rice krispy thingies, which seemed perfect.  When I went back to my desk, just about as soon as I sat down, my head went all woosey, and I had to grip the desk so I didn’t fall over.  I feel like I might be on the verge of some real morning sickness.  I was pretty sure I was going to throw up this morning.  Luckily, I didn’t, but I still don’t feel so great.  I hope the fainting thing (or almost fainting) doesn’t become a regular occurrence.  I sure don’t want to fall and hit my head or something.

I’m getting really ready to go to the midwife.  It’s starting to bother me that I’m just not sure what week I’m in.  I thought I was five weeks along, but now I’m thinking I’m six.  It’s frustrating, because everything develops so quickly, and I want to know what the baby is doing.  There’s a big difference between the heart is just forming and the heart is beating!

I’m setting up an in-home session with our dog trainer so we can start working on some of the dogs’ behaviors that could become problematic when I’m super huge and when the baby is in-tow.  I think, overall, they’re going to be great with a baby.  It’s mostly just the jumping up on people and running off that’s the problem.  It’s fun to think that, next year, we’ll be making an addition to the family that isn’t covered in fur.  Well, at least not it’s own fur…

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