Let’s take a moment to shake off yesterday’s totally lame post. Whew!

And, regroup.

So I’ve realized that I totally didn’t do a letter to Sadie for her first birthday. I’ve been feeling kind of bad about it, but we sure were busy at the time. I also have not posted any pictures from her party. I have a like-hate relationship with my camera, and it didn’t perform as well as I would have liked, so, as usual, I have a ton of blurry photos (Is it really too much to ask to be able to take flash-off pictures inside my reasonably well-lit house without them being totally blurry? Seriously, Sadie and I are entirely too pasty to be shot with flash photography. At first I thought it was something I was doing wrong, but I think it’s that my camera, despite being pretty nice, is too limited.). Sadie’s birthday party was a lot of fun, although Sadie did get a touch overwhelmed at the sight of so many people in her house. That, and she didn’t nap as well as we would have liked.

We’ve been trucking along this month, though, and Sadie is just blossoming at an alarming rate. Her vocabulary is expanding, and we’re starting to see the fringes of tantrum behavior. We have a lot of fun outside with her, and she’s getting better at being gentle with the pets. I think her total hair count is up to 17. I’m just kidding, but it truly is sparse. And possibly reddish. I want to do her skills and personality justice, so I’ll save the details for another post.

Trevor’s mom and two older sisters came for a visit last weekend, and they got to enjoy a fair amount of time with Sadie.

My birthday was last week, and it was quite a day: crab legs for lunch, a haircut and massage in the afternoon, and German food for dinner.

I kind of feel like I’ve lost my mojo or something. Not that I really even know what that means. I spend so much time in front of my computer at work, it can be hard to think about blogging. And then I go and do something ugly and pointless like posting all day from my iPhone camera. And it’s not just blogging, either. I think it’s the busyness of the spring/summer seasons coming–I can feel it in my bones. Last weekend was crazy busy with Trevor’s family and a housewarming party on Sunday. This weekend is way overbooked, but of course I’ll be foolish and attempt to do it all. This time of year has always been busy for me, but I think the added responsibility of Sadie makes it weigh much heavier. Because leaving the house takes twice as long, even getting out of the car can be an ordeal (You really should see me when I get home from work/daycare with Sadie–purse, laptop backpack, lunch bag with pumped breastmilk, daycare diaper bag and Sadie’s lunch/sippy cup bag. Oh, and a 20-pound toddler).

Blech. It would appear I’m uncovering some sort of funk I’m in.

2 thoughts on “Doldrums

  1. Sam

    I think I’m in the doldrums, too… it must be the transition from one season to the next. Although I think part of mine is being so bummed that it is the BEST time of year and someone else is getting to experience it all day with my son while I see sick people. sigh.

    1. Brooke Post author

      Yes, I definitely think that’s a big part of it. Though, I just saw some of the pictures from bittySam’s baptism, and you all look deliciously happy.


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