Cooling off.

Whew, it’s starting to get hot here in Arkansas! The Greek Food Festival was this past weekend, and we took Sadie for dinner Friday night. Sadie loved the lamb, and she also enjoyed some ice cream with sprinkled baclava on top. Oh, and she also liked the calamari! We actually had decent “seats” and were able to see the stage, which was nice when my favorite Irish dancing school came on to perform. Usually I tear up by the end of the performance–not sure why, I guess I’m just so moved by it all, but Sadie decided it was time to go before they even danced in their hard shoes.

Irish dancing is definitely on the list of extracurricular activities I think I’d be willing to pay for Sadie to learn to do when she’s bigger. Seeing little ones dance on a stage in between the older dancers’ performances always gets me thinking about what Sadie will excell at. I don’t want to push her into any particular activity, and definitely not too early. But I do daydream about whether she’ll be into Irish dancing, ballet, soccer, rock climbing, painting, writing, mountain biking, or all of the above. Or none of the above. How are those of you with older kids handling these things? I wonder if my generation’s kids will perhaps be a bit less over-scheduled than generations of late…

One thing we ARE encouraging is Sadie keeping cool in this hot weather. We got Sadie this fantastic little sprinkeler this weekend. It’s way more durable than the usual kiddie sprinkelers, and the water comes ou nice and soft. She wasn’t crazy about it at first, but we tried again after a little rest and with the water on very low, and she started getting the hang of it.

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