Comfort level: not so great, actually

Warning: I’m kind of going to complain a bit in this post.  Maybe a lot.

Right now, while I’m sitting at my computer desk (now in the dining room–we’re making room for baby in the “second bedroom,” which is now officially known as the “baby’s room”), every deepish breath I take is met with a twinge of pain on part of my right ribcage.  Or is it the right part of my ribcage–I’m never sure, do we talk about them as if they’re a pair, or two halves of a one?  Whatever.  I am totally running out of room in here!  The baby (we’re at 31 weeks now!) is about 3.5 pounds, meaning that it’s going to be gaining half a pound a week to get up to a healthy birth weight.  Where the heck is all that baby going to go???   I’m starting to think I might have the shortest torso ever.  My boobs and my belly–they’re practically fighting over what little space is left.  I’ve been having such trouble with the underwire in my bras, that I broke down and bought a maternity bra and think I’m going to wear it the rest of my life.  And back to my right ribcage (or right side), there’s this almost constant tingling going on.  I think the baby’s butt is pressing on a nerve or something.  I get these weird pains in weird places all the time.   I was getting out of the car tonight, and I had shooting pains in my thighs.  This morning, I woke up with such a pain in my kneecap, I was whimpering in pain.  Oh, and not to mention the DOUBLE Charlie horses I got at 4:45 Thursday morning–as in both calves were paralyzed in excruciating pain at exactly the same time.  My back is in pretty much constant pain, the only time it doesn’t hurt is when I’m in bed.  I can’t wear my wedding ring anymore, and my “substitute” ring is almost too small already.  When I take my socks off, I’ve got this obscene indentation on the top of my shins from the swelling.  I’m going to post a picture of that, once I shave my legs…I mean if I shave my legs (hey, it’s kind of difficult to do and totally hard to be motivated).  I’m short of breath a lot, mostly when I’m relaxing on the couch, which seems weird.

Okay.  That WAS a lot.  So now I’m going to make up for it.  At least a little.

We’re super excited about the baby coming soon.  Even when we’re sort of freaking out about it.  Nesting is fun.  My hair–it’s kind of fabulous.  It’s long, and I hardly shed a strand, so it’s super thick, and I’m loving it.  I LOVE getting to feel the baby move all the time (I’m trying to catch it on video so I can post it, but I think the baby is camera-shy).  I thought it was going to be freaky and bother me, but I can already imagine how much I’m going to miss it.  Other than all of the above complaints, I feel just great.  In fact, overall, I’m pretty pleased with the way things have been going with the pregnancy.  Really pleased, actually.  Mostly because I know it could be a lot worse.  I’m healthy, and my baby’s healthy.  We’re going to have a healthy, happy baby, and we’re going to do our darndest to keep it healthy and happy.  For those of you who know us and our pets, if how much we love our pets is any indication of how loved this baby is going to be (and already is), you know this is going to be one loved little being.  We’ve got great support from family and friends, and I’m not nearly as scared about a lot of things that I could be.  And, I’ve got Trevor to do all of this with!  He’s going to be such a great dad, and I know he’s going to make it even more fun to raise this child together.

Okay, so I wrote more lines in the “woes” than “wows” section, but I think the “wows” are more impactful and important, so they carry more weight.

To all the moms (new or experienced): I know, I’m a little on the whiney side, but I really feel like I’ve been pretty good about the complaining.  To all the potential moms: I hope this isn’t scary, but there are a lot of things that don’t get talked about when it comes to pregnancy, and some of them are not so fun.  I’m just keeping it real here.  To any misters out there: go give a pregnant woman or a mother a big high-five, because you’ll never have to go through all of this.  But that also means you’ll never GET to go through all of it, either.

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