Cat’s out of the bag

Well, partially, at least.  We had an anointing service for Aunt Margie last night at their house, and I’m not sure how many of our family friends came up to me to say “Congratulations!”  I guess it didn’t occur to me that Aunt Margie is a horrible secret-keeper.  And I think Uncle Gene just didn’t get the memo about keeping things on the DL, because he was flat-out telling folks who were there that “Brooke’s expecting!”  I guess it helped to have some good news considering we’re now in the waiting game to see if Aunt Margie’s tumor is cancerous.

I really kind of wasn’t ready for that.  So I tended to have a more shocked reaction at people, rather than an excited, gracious one.  I’m still planning on holding off telling my own social circle until I’m a good bit further along.  Seems safer that way.  We’ll see if I can fool everyone at the bachelorette party this weekend!  It’ll probably be impossible not to have everyone in my family know when I go on beach vacation with them in a couple of weeks.  But that’s fine, I suppose.

I made our first appointment with our midwife today.  We’re heading to Conway next Wednesday afternoon.  It’s going to be little tricky going there in the middle of the week on a regular basis, but I believe it will be worth it.  And I’ll be telling my therapist about it at my appointment tonight–that will be fun!

Still no real sickness stuff to deal with.  I tend to get a little nautious if I don’t eat often enough, but that’s nothing I can’t deal with.  Easy so far!  I hope I don’t jinx myself…  I still hardly even believe I’m pregnant.  Doesn’t feel like it.  Not having a period is pretty sweet, though!

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