buying the cow

so…we’re back. the wedding was great fun, and everything went smoothly. i don’t have any pictures, so if you’re reading this (ahem, leah, elizabeth), and you have pictures on your camera, be prepared for me to stalk you at some point…trevor’s dad took tons of pictures on his film camera, which is apparently not working so well, so all of those “free” pictures i was counting on getting…only getting a small portion. i’m pretty bummed about that. i should have assigned my camera to someone…but my camera kind of sucks at taking pictures in dimly-lit rooms.

the “mini-moon” was alright. we spent most of the time in the car. driving to the degray campus. driving to hot springs for dinner (german food.mmmmm). driving back to the triple-wide (yes, as in huckabee’s infamous). then back to hot springs for lunch (argentinian food.mmmmmmm). and then back to the big l-r to house hunt.

we’ve found a duplex off the corner of university and h. it’s cute on the inside, and totally temporary. we’re hoping to get ourselves situated and start looking to buy a house (that is, with the salary i currently do not have), or to move into one of the loads of houses around little rock that force you to commit to a one-year lease. geez, people. not everyone wants to rent for-ever! either way, we’ll be getting back to having high-speed internet at home, which should lead to better blogging. well, more frequent, at least.

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