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I know this is the fourth blog I have started, but I think this should do it! I came to blogging as a sort of let’s-try-this-out kind of thing, with no real topic or objective in mind. Most recently, I’ve been blogging at Brooke’s Baby Belly Blog, which I started during my pregnancy in 2008. Thankfully, I (pretty much) no longer have a baby belly, and I wanted some space to take my blogging into new directions. Since we’re Parenting from Scratch, I thought it would be appropriate to be Blogging from Scratch. If you’ve been following me at BBBB, please update your RSS feed.

Welcome to the new blog!

So here’s a little bit of what’s been going on, just to kick this blog off right:

In about 10.5 hours, I’m going to be drastically changing my look–I’m cutting off a ton of my hair. Hopefully my stylist will be able to follow what I have in my head and translate it into something cool ON my head. I want something that is professional, but sassy. I want something short and low-maintenance, but I don’t want to look like a cute Mary Engelbreit character. I sort of wish I’d done something to commemorate my last day with long hair. Oh well.

Sadie has a fourth tooth coming in! I’m pretty sure it’s been working its way out the last two nights. Boy, have those been rough. I’ve not been able to feel the other three teeth when she nurses, but I sure can feel this new one! Yowza.

The chickens survived “Snow” Storm 2010. And even layed eggs for us during it.

I’ve got a couple of research projects to undertake soon… first, to decide which car seat we will get for the ever-growing spawn; second, to find a recipe for Sadie’s first birthday cake. I’ll keep you posted.

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