BG Stands for “Big Girl”

One of Sadie’s many nicknames over the past year or so has been BG Edwards. For “Baby Girl” Edwards, because that’s what all of the hospital stuff said. But, man, she is getting to be SUCH a big girl. I can hardly get over it. She is talking nonstop. Baby, dog, woof woof, kitty, wa (water), no no, nuh nuh (nurse), hi, hey, hello, bye bye, bah (bye), ball, yeah, bock bock (as in, what do chickens say). She’s kicked it up a notch and is now running. I mean, as much as toddlers run, I guess. She finally loves books! She is an eating machine! She makes up little songs (do do de do do do deedle).

SHE HAS FIGURED OUT HOW TO PUT ON MY SHOES. And she practically rips them off of my feet to get them on.

Trevor says she walks like I do. Loud.

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