Best of Intentions

Want to know what not to get your kid to celebrate no more diapers (!) and being 2 and a half (not two and ever, as Sadie would tell you)?


A fish in a tank.

Sadie loved the idea of the fish, who she named “Daddy Fishey.” But she pretty much flipped her shit yesterday when I tried to explain she could not, under any circumstance, hold Daddy Fishey. Not even just a wittle bit moore.

So now Trevor and I are keeping Daddy Fishey safe, way up high on the wardrobe in our bedroom. I guess until Sadie can understand that Daddy Fishey will be asleep forever if we take him out of his water house. And can agree not to bang on the tank when told such news (guess a larger, heavier tank would have been the better choice after all).


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