Attack of the marshmallow feet!

If you’re squeamish about feet, this isn’t the post for you.’

Okay, so I had a busy couple of days.  Tuesday we had a little potluck dinner to celebrate Trevor’s last pre-fatherhood birthday.  Trevor had Tuesday off, so I actually got out of most of the cleaning.  But I definitely WAS on my feet a lot during the party, and I definitely DID eat foods I might oughtn’t have (and drink cherry soda instead of water).  Then, Wednesday, I took the day off from work so I could spend Trevor’s actual birthday off with him.  We sort of lounged around during the morning, not doing too much.  Wednesday afternoon was spent running around town doing this and that.  Trevor got a tattoo for his birthday, and we spent about forever at Babies R Us and Target getting the last of the “must haves” (as far as we can tell, at least) in preparation for the arrival of Baby Edwards.

Early Wednesday evening we had our home visit with the midwives.  Our primary  midwife, Kim, was there; the midwife who taught our homebirth class, Mary, came–she’ll be serving as Kim’s assistant at our birth; and the apprentice midwife, Shea, who will likely also be at our birth, was there.  It was pretty chill, and my prenatal check up went just dandy.

After our home visit, Trevor and I went to Bonefish Grill for birthday dinner.  It was there that I could really start to feel my feet start to swell.  By the time we got home, they were HUGE.  We’d rented a movie, and Trevor let me have the whole couch so I could elevate my feet.  When I got up at about 1:15 in the morning to go to the bathroom, they were still huge, and my face was pretty swollen.  That’s when I started to worry a bit–sudden swelling, especially in the face–not usually a good sign.

This is Wednesday night, at about 9:30 or so.

This is Wednesday night, at about 9:30 or so.

I got up for work a little after seven, and, fortunately, the swelling in my face had almost completely gone away.  I couldn’t get my black shoes on, so I figured it must be time to start busting out the black pants with brown shoes look.  I got to the office and called Kim to see what she thought about the swelling.  She told me to get my bum home, to get my feet way up, and to drink as much water as was humanly possible.  She also wanted to have me swing by Birthworks so Mary could check my blood pressure (which, for the record, has been exceptionally perfect all along–even at my home visit, which is apparently quite uncommon).

This is Thursday morning, at about 7:30...not much difference.

This is Thursday morning, at about 7:30…not much difference.

By about noon, the swelling had gone down considerably, and I had peed so many times I lost count.  I went to see Mary at 2:30 or so, and my blood pressure was still good (117/75).  It looks like I really just over did it Tuesday and Wednesday.

And here's Thursday at Noon.  Ahhh, what a difference.  Still not normal, though.

And here’s Thursday at Noon. Ahhh, what a difference. Still not my pre-pregnancy feet, though.

It was definitely a signal from my body that I’ve got to take it easier.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that I can’t move as quickly, shouldn’t stand as long, and need to drink even MORE water than I already am.  In fact, I’ve just come back from book club, where I sat almost the whole time, and my feet are puffing up a little bit again.  Blarg.  So now it’s off to bed to get the tootsies up again.  Too bad our house reeks of brewing beer–Trevor made the “baby brew” tonight while I was gone.

This is not the pretty side of pregnancy, let me tell you…

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