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Wow.  We are counting down the weeks now!  I’m 29 weeks and 3 days or so.  In just about 7 weeks (ghasp!), the baby could be born and not be considered “preterm,” and I can deliver at home.  In just 11 weeks, I’ll be right about at my due date.  And in lucky 13 weeks, if the baby hasn’t come out yet, I’m going to be one miserable momma.  Even 13 weeks seems like nothing at this point.  Like it could be tomorrow.

There’s just so much to do!  Trevor and I made a room-by-room list of things that we need/want to do before the baby comes.  I’d ideally like to have everything pretty much wrapped up by 36 weeks.  Stuff like having the fence gate moved, having the carpet in our bedroom professionally cleaned, ordering and setting up the crib, reorganizing the bathroom storage, reorganizing some things in the kitchen, moving the office stuff out into the dining room, etc.  The list is way longer than that.

One thing I have started doing is working on desensitizing the pets to the sounds of a baby crying.  There are actually CDs you can purchase for such a process, but I’ve found that YouTube is pretty effective.  In fact, I’m doing it right now.  I’ve got three of the four in the bedroom with me, and I just keep playing clips of crying babies.  This is probably the third time I’ve done this, and I’m already seeing improvements.  At first Tarzan was a little spooked, but now he’s laying to my left on the bed; Willow is to my right on the bed, totally not fussed a bit by all of the racket; and Nari is on her bed on the floor, occasionally interested, but not overly worried.  Okay, well, Tarzan is now standing on the baby belly, meowing in my face…but that’s actually pretty normal for him.

I had an appointment with my midwife, Kim, this afternoon.  Everything is looking great.  I’ve gained about 10 or 12 pounds so far (sort of a guesstimate, because I really wasn’t sure what I weighed before I got pregnant).  My blood pressure is super, which is always good news.  AND, the best news of all is that the baby is in a nice, head-down position.  When Trevor and I were in Tennessee*, the baby was being super shy for the first two days (much to the disappointment of the aunts-to-be).  Then, on Saturday–when Trevor’s sisters weren’t around, of course–the baby moved almost constantly all day long. It was unbelievable.  It moved a lot on Sunday, too, but had sort of calmed down by Monday.  I’m guessing that all that moving was Baby Edwards trying to find a good, comfortable spot to chill in for a while.  So here’s hoping that the spawn stays put.  For the most part, at least.  Kim was able to feel that the head is down, that the baby is facing to my left, that the bulging pressure I’ve been feeling in the upper right part of my belly is the baby’s butt, and that the movements off to the upper left are the feet.  It sort of amazes me how much it all makes sense now.  It was also pretty cool that she was able to go right to the heartbeat this time–other times it’s been like a hunting game.  I’ll be going for appointments with Kim every other week now, rather than once a month.  That’s pretty cool, because it’ll make the time seem to fly by even faster (wait, wasn’t I just complaining that there wasn’t enough time?…I’m just excited that Baby Edwards will be here to meet us all soon.  On the other hand, that’s a good bit of sick time being used up, as well as more time spent in the car going too and from Conway.  Totally worth it.

*I just now realized that the post I wrote that should have been published while I was on our trip totally disappeared!  As in, didn’t just not get posted, but is not in my saved drafts or anyting at all.  I’m really kind of angry about it.  I can hardly remember what it was about, but I DO remember that I was up until 11:00 or something, while I was sick (stupid, I know), getting it written.  Dangit!

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