Another uneventful update.

Still no baby action.  I know, it’s disappointing.  We’ve been getting lots of calls and emails from family and friends who are all anxious to meet and hear about Baby Edwards.  It’s all very exciting, but at the same time exhausting, to be living from moment-to-moment with the constant feeling of “any time now.”  Because it really could be any time now.  I made it through the end of last week and through the weekend by convincing myself that the baby definitely wasn’t going to come until mid-week this week, at the earliest.

We had a family birthday dinner at my aunt and uncle’s last night, and that was a lot of fun.  It kind of makes me sad to realize how infrequently I get to see my family, despite the fact that we ALL live in Little Rock.  What made it so apparent was that there were quite a few family members totally shocked at my size, which I tend to forget about, since it’s attached to me.

At any rate, we’ll keep y’all posted.  Whenever it happens.  Which won’t be tonight…

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