A slew of updates

  • We made it back from our Tennessee vacation, and now I need a vacation.
  • We’ve finally told Trevor’s family about the baby, and they’re very excited!
  • Drinking expired milk, even if it smells and tastes fine, probably isn’t a good idea for a pregnant stomach.
  • Just one week ago we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat.  It was magical.  And there was only one (whew).  So it’s confirmed: the parasite has a heart.
  • We may have already decided on the name if it’s a girl!
  • My face is so bad, it actually looks like I have a rash.  Sick.
  • I think the pregnancy hormones are making me more sane.  I’m more even-keel than I have been in forever.  If it weren’t for the constant upset stomach, I’d consider staying pregnant as much as possible.
  • This blog is about to become un-secret.

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