A short, but long-overdue update.


We had a day of several firsts today, and I thought I’d share them here.

Sadie made her first prank call this morning. It was pretty funny, actually. We have a land line for the purpose of having our alarm system monitored (you catch that, stalkers?), and nobody calls us on it except sales people, pollsters and wrong numbers. So…I might let her answer it when it rings. Sometimes she picks it up and pushes buttons. Usually I get to her before she actually calls someone. Oops on today. I could hear somebody saying hello and then asking for her mommy. She kept saying her mama was right here, and then she said some nonsense and goodbye, and she hung up. Bah!

The second first was running two errands with Sadie in undies instead of a diaper. After a successful pee in the potty.

Finally, after a stressful bath/shower (Sadie hates, hates having her hair washed), Sadie requested that I apologize to her. Sweet girl.

2 thoughts on “A short, but long-overdue update.

  1. Shannon

    Nash is not a big fan of having his hair washed either. Every night at bath time he says, “you gonna hold my head and keep me safe mommy? you promise?” Love Sadie’s prank call and yay for running errands in undies. That is a big first step and a scary one on us parents!

  2. TMae

    Yay for potty learning! I haven’t gotten past the “thinking about it” stage.

    I love that she called someone. I’m waiting for O to do the same. He’s always carrying either one of our cell phones, or the landline around. It’s a milestone, no?


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