A Princess, Even in Red


First, a special shout-out (not that they’ll ever read this) to the ladies at Vintage Socialite in Hillcrest. They were so kind to let a pleading Sadie not only try on some shoes, but they also didn’t kick me out when I (reluctantly) helped Sadie try on this big, beautiful red dress.

But, really, what I have to get off my chest is that I am completely worried that Sadie’s brain is being consumed by Princess. By our design, not any particular princess, but princess and pink to be sure. I do hope this is a phase, and it’s not something we’re discouraging, but I can’t help but worry (hey, I’ve got to do something my free time), especially when I listen to an interview like this.

For now, I’m focusing on things that are attainable, like learning ballet like her 13-year-old cousin, who is an all-around great role model for Sadie to choose.


One thought on “A Princess, Even in Red

  1. TMae

    Sadie has great taste, I love that dress and would wear it in a hot minute. Assuming I had someplace to go for which this dress would be appropriate. I’m guessing it’s not for gardening.

    Maybe princesses will be a short lived phase for Sadie? We’re knee deep in construction equipment and trains over here, and I worry that kidlet’s not getting enough exposure to dolls, and fairies and pink. I think it’s good that we have these worries. Makes us aware.


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